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Maximizer – Satisficer

  • If you are curious about your control-seeking levels, there are two scales that will help you answer this question. The first is the “Desirability of Control” (DC) scale, developed by Professor Jerry Burger. The second is the “Maximizer-Satisficer” scale, developed by Professor Barry Schwartz and his colleagues.

    To find your Maximizer-Satisficer score, please indicate the extent to which you agree with each statement.

    Very strongly disagreeStrongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agreeVery strongly agree
    1. I often fantasize about living in ways that are quite different from my actual life
    2. No matter how satisfied I am with my job, it’s only right for me to be on the lookout for better opportunities
    3. When I am in the car listening to the radio, I often check other stations to see if something better is playing, even if I am relatively satisfied with what I’m listening to
    4. When I watch TV, I channel-surf, even while attempting to watch one program
    5. I often find it difficult to shop for a gift for a friend
    6. When shopping, I have a hard time finding clothing that I really love
    7. Renting videos is really difficult. I’m always struggling to pick out the best one
    8. I treat relationships like clothing: I expect to try a lot on before finding the perfect fit
    9. No matter what I do, I have the highest standards for myself
    10. I never settle for second best