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A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment


ALOHAF in Sofia, Bulgaria

Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

Seminar on 15 Mar 2019

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On the basis of research from over 20 years and over a 1000 papers Raj Raghunathan will cover the following topics:

     What is Happiness and why is it so important?

     The 3 main things we (as humans) need to be happy. Progressing towards Mastery, Belonging, and Autonomy.

—–      Mastery: Identifying skills and developing a plan for nurturing them in the workplace and at home.

—–      Belonging: Understanding the difference between “passionate love” and “companionate love”. Identifying your “love language”.

—–      Autonomy: Gaining internal control through emotion regulation strategies and mindfulness practice.

     What is Abundance mindset and why it is important for happiness? Adopting the mindset of Abundance.

—–      Getting to see others in a positive light.

—–      A scientific route for developing “trust in life”.

—–      Getting in touch with one’s own inner source of joy.

     How to develop a personal plan for achieving a Life of Happiness and Fulfillment. 3 things you can do, starting today, to improve your happiness levels.

For more information about the seminar and for tickets, visit Happiness Academy.


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