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A Happiness App

Happiness Accelerator



Be happy everyday – with this unique happiness app!

The training program and the daily activities in Happiness Accelerator will help you to define and to fully embrace your own meaning of happiness. And it will be with you on the road to greater levels of happiness. The Happiness Accelerator thus aims to empower you to build your life of happiness and fulfillment.

Everyday, you will receive all or some of the following:

  • a task for boosting your happiness
  • a workout to complete
  • a meditation practice to listen to
  • an inspirational thought and
  • a funny fact
  • a happiness “sin”, happiness habit and corresponding happiness exercises

By completing them you will not only strengthen but also build upon your inner values. That is, your compassion, friendship, love, accomplishment, creativity, awareness, happiness, and sense of humor.

On the Happiness Accelerator map you will find a variety of companies and opportunities related to happiness.
The idea of creating a happier and more caring society will bring together members of the Happiness Accelerator community. Everyone in the community will be encouraged to expand their abundance mindset following the simple concept “I win, You win, We win”.

Access And Pricing Terms

This is a beta version of the app. The download and the use of all features is completely free until 1st May, 2019. After that the download and use of some features will remain free of charge. And there will be added in-app purchases of some tools and features.

Download for Android here.
Download for iOS here.

Need any help with the app use?

See here , a short tutorial for the Happiness Accelerator app.

Or else mail your questions to

Check out other Happysmarts resources on the Resources page.

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