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A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

Mindfulness Camp

  • Background

    As I discussed in final chapter of the book, this exercise is relevant for sustaining your happiness levels in the future.


    This exercise involves participating in a six week mindfulness camp conducted by Dr. Swati Desai.

    The pledge

    As we saw in Chapter 7B of the book, regular practice is crucial to reap the benefits of mindfulness. So, be diligent about your mindfulness practice. Pledge that, come what may—rain or shine, misery or joy—you are going to following the instructions, on a daily basis, for the next six weeks.

  • Please enter your email id below and complete the exercise to receive the link to the camp.

  • Note: There are no live camps at the moment. This camp consists of the recorded sessions of Dr. Swati's online camp conducted for the first cohort of ALOHAF course. We will sometimes offer a live mindfulness camp. When we do (and if you have joined the mailing list,) you will get an email notification about it.