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Mental Chatter

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  • Note: The Mental Chatter exercise and the Journal exercise must not be attempted together. Complete one before starting the other.


    As I discussed in the Introduction chapter, the mental chatter exercise calls for maintaining a brutally honest record of your spontaneously occurring thoughts—your “mental chatter”. That is, your task is to maintain an accurate record of whatever you are thinking, even if it is aversive and negative.


    This exercise will help you gain a deeper and richer understanding of the quality of your emotional tenor. You may also gain insights into the goals you prioritize, and into the values and worldviews that shape your perceptions.

    Please provide an email address to which your entries can be emailed at the completion of the exercise.

  • To begin with, watch this 5 minute video. This short video will give you instructions on how to tune into your mental chatter. (Note that this video was recorded to provide instructions to participants in a study that my co-authors and I were conducting. You don’t have to be part of this study, but if you are willing to be part of the study, you can write to me.)