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A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment


Why people do not ask the genie for happiness?

Listed below is the comprehensive set of reasons people come up with, for not asking the genie for happiness:

  1. Happiness does not come to those who chase it too directly.
  2. Happiness is too abstract—it’s difficult to define it. In contrast, money, fame, power, etc., are much more concrete.
  3. Happiness is a shallow emotion.
  4. Happiness is fleeting. Why ask for something that won’t last?
  5. Other goals, like, “pursuit of Truth,” “being one with God,” or “being accomplished,” are more important than happiness.
  6. I fear that I would become selfish if the genie granted me happiness. If I could be happy no matter what, why should I care for others?
  7. I’m already as happy as I want to be.
  8. I don’t want to be happy all the time; I sometimes want to feel negative emotions.
  9. I don’t deserve to be happy.
  10. Happiness should be earned, not received. In other words, I want to be happy for the right reasons.
  11. Asking the genie for happiness is tantamount to handing over the keys to my life to the genie. I would no longer be in control of my life—the genie would!
  12. I can’t be happy unless I have ____________ (fill in the blanks). For example, I know I can’t be happy unless I have lots of money . So, why not ask for the things that I know will make me happy?