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A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

Happiness At Work

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Why happiness at work is important? How can I be the leader of a happy team? Can anyone be happy at their workplace? What can I do to find the right balance to build the foundations of happy relationships at work?

These and other questions were answered in the first masterclass on Happiness @ Work, at Sofia, Bulgaria in May 2018.

We live in a world where more people do not perceive their work as something which they do at all costs. For most of us, work is not performance to the minimum of the responsibilities against which we receive remuneration. Our work is a way of life, an opportunity to develop, an opportunity to help others with our knowledge and skills, a way to be useful.

Not only the significance of our work makes it so important to us, but also the satisfaction, which we get from it. Employers know that a happy employee is loyal, a lot more productive, ready to give the most out of himself to achieve the company’s best possible results. Happiness in the workplace is not a bonus but a necessity, for a well-functioning work environment.

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Picture gallery for the Masterclass, the book release – Bulgarian edition of If You Are So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? – at the City Library, a reception at the US Embassy, and finally a workshop at the biggest local bank!